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Pantera – Cowboys from Hell

Cowboys from Hell Cover

The 70’s had Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut. The 80’s, Metallica’s Ride the Lightning. Cowboy’s from Hell was arguably the 90’s metal album that shaped the decade in metal that would follow. Like those other...


Steel Panther – Feel the Steel

Feel the Steel Album Cover

Steel Panther’s first purely musical album is not one for the easily offended. It straddles the line of pastiche and parody, taking the crassness and misogyny of 80’s hair metal bands and turning it...


Tomahawk – Tomahawk

This first release from Mike Patton’s Tomahawk may seem a little straight laced when compared to the eclectic insanity of the Mr. Bungle and Fantômas albums that preceded it, but it is this more coherent sound...


The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

Barton Hollow perfectly straddles the worlds of Folk and Country, adopting the storytelling soul of Country with the sparse, corner of a pub instrumentation of traditional Folk music. The tone is sombre, yet uplifting,...


Cody ChesnuTT – Landing On A Hundred

Landing On A Hundred is a magnificent blend of Soul, Funk, and R&B tied together with quality production values that hark back to the sounds of the 70’s without ever sounding dated. There is...


Eliza Doolittle – Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle is the perfect antidote to the homogenised mass of paint by numbers pop songs that routinely fill our airwaves. Her voice is excellent, without ever being overly flamboyant, and she writes her...


Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake

Lamb of God’s fourth album picks up where the third left off, and just keeps going. The sound is as heavy as an egg cup full of neutron star matter, but maintains a pulsating...


Cypress Hill – Black Sunday

This is an excellent album of cinematic tinged Rap music, with a hint of the gangster, and more than a little whiff of weed. And by golly do these guys love weed. Cypress Hill...


Green Day – Dookie

This is Green Day at their best. A collection of quality 3 minute pop tunes with just enough bite to appeal to the sullen, angst ridden teenage masses. Dookie is the musical equivalent of...