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One Direction – Four

One Direction Four Album Cover

One Direction are back with their fourth album, named in reverence to Led Zeppelin’s classic of the same name (not really). Sadly, the only comparable factor between the two albums is that, like Led...


Eliza Doolittle – In Your Hands

After her fun and promising eponymous debut, Eliza returns with an album that strips away everything that was special about her first release. Gone are the cheeky, infectious little pop numbers (bar the album’s...


Miley Cyrus – Bangerz

Bangerz is a collection of bog standard teen fodder pop tunes backed up with a touch of country and the requisite ‘urban’ edge that apparently passes as ‘rebellious’ in the mind of teeny bopping...


Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu

Lou Reed and Metallica are absolute legends of the music industry. Both have contributed significantly to modern music and have proved to be key inspirations for much of the great music we have today....