There is little real indication from this semi decent collection of grunge / alt rock tunes that Radiohead would go on to become one of the most creatively brilliant bands of the next 20 years. In fact, one would be inclined to suggest that probably the only song on here that really shows hints of the band’s potential, is closing track ‘Blow Out’. Other than that, and obviously ‘Creep’, which isn’t bad, but has been overplayed so much that any quality it once had has been almost entirely eroded, there is barely anything on here that even threatens to grab your interest and bring you back for more. Not that this is a terrible album by any means, just that it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd of other grunge albums released in the wake of Nirvana’s success with Nevermind. If you’re just starting to get in to Radiohead, skip this one for now and come back to it later. There are plenty of albums with far more to offer further down the Radiohead timeline.