This is an interesting one. In places, there is some real quality pop on here, like a watered down Imogen Heap, but unfortunately the quality is variable throughout. Lily is well known for her outspoken lyricism, and she sometimes hits decent heights here, but occasionally descends to the ramblings of a lunatic shouting at in imaginary twitter feed on a park bench. For someone who claims to not give a fuck what other people think of her, she sure as hell can’t stop banging on about it. The music is mostly decent, but often uninspired and has frequent irritating flourishes that only serve to make things worse, particularly the stupid and unnecessary auto tuned vocal farts that serve no purpose other than to shout ‘TECHNOLOGY’ in your ear holes. It’s really not a terrible album. But it’s not that great either and there are too many niggly flaws that drag it down.