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One Direction – Four

One Direction Four Album Cover

One Direction are back with their fourth album, named in reverence to Led Zeppelin’s classic of the same name (not really). Sadly, the only comparable factor between the two albums is that, like Led...


Eliza Doolittle – In Your Hands


After her fun and promising eponymous debut, Eliza returns with an album that strips away everything that was special about her first release. Gone are the cheeky, infectious little pop numbers (bar the album’s...


tUnE-yArDs – Nikki Nack


Nikki Nack starts off brilliantly, with the first two tracks picking up where the previous album (Whokill) left off, with a further bombastic twist added to her previous delightful weirdness. Unfortunately this isn’t followed...


Lily Allen – Sheezus


This is an interesting one. In places, there is some real quality pop on here, like a watered down Imogen Heap, but unfortunately the quality is variable throughout. Lily is well known for her...


Lo-Fang – Blue Film


Blue Film is the debut release from LA resident Lo-Fang. The songs within are pretty standard singer songwriter fare, but are heavily augmented with a backdrop of decent electronica. The production is excellent throughout,...


Bibio – Mind Bokeh


Mind Bokeh rather aimlessly wanders away from the more clearly defined previous Bibio releases. It has a few really good tracks (‘K Is For Kelson’ is a personal favourite), but they are interspersed by...


Miley Cyrus – Bangerz


Bangerz is a collection of bog standard teen fodder pop tunes backed up with a touch of country and the requisite ‘urban’ edge that apparently passes as ‘rebellious’ in the mind of teeny bopping...


Lit – A Place In The Sun


A Place In The Sun was never going to win awards for it’s originality, but what it does, it does really well. The album feels like one of those teenaged days when everything had...


Eliza Doolittle – Eliza Doolittle


Eliza Doolittle is the perfect antidote to the homogenised mass of paint by numbers pop songs that routinely fill our airwaves. Her voice is excellent, without ever being overly flamboyant, and she writes her...


Jedward – Young Love


Jedward return with their third album. Which is probably the most depressing sentence I have ever written. Within the first 30 seconds, one is already questioning how on earth they convinced someone that this...