Defeater – Letters Home

Letters Home

This is Defeater’s third in a series of concept albums chronicling the life of a post war family in New Jersey, which is a pretty nice idea, with this particular album telling the story...


Radiohead – Pablo Honey


There is little real indication from this semi decent collection of grunge / alt rock tunes that Radiohead would go on to become one of the most creatively brilliant bands of the next 20...


System Of A Down – Toxicity


Toxicity is a tour de force, bursting at the seams with a roaring intensity that’s so infectious it’s almost impossible to avoid nodding or tapping along as you listen. This is System Of A...


Lo-Fang – Blue Film


Blue Film is the debut release from LA resident Lo-Fang. The songs within are pretty standard singer songwriter fare, but are heavily augmented with a backdrop of decent electronica. The production is excellent throughout,...


Bibio – Mind Bokeh


Mind Bokeh rather aimlessly wanders away from the more clearly defined previous Bibio releases. It has a few really good tracks (‘K Is For Kelson’ is a personal favourite), but they are interspersed by...


Miley Cyrus – Bangerz


Bangerz is a collection of bog standard teen fodder pop tunes backed up with a touch of country and the requisite ‘urban’ edge that apparently passes as ‘rebellious’ in the mind of teeny bopping...


Cody ChesnuTT – Landing On A Hundred


Landing On A Hundred is a magnificent blend of Soul, Funk, and R&B tied together with quality production values that hark back to the sounds of the 70′s without ever sounding dated. There is...


Metallica – Master Of Puppets


Master Of Puppets is rightly considered by many to be one of the finest heavy metal albums of all time. This is an album of grand scale and almost operatic grandeur, only occasionally pausing...


Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu


Lou Reed and Metallica are absolute legends of the music industry. Both have contributed significantly to modern music and have proved to be key inspirations for much of the great music we have today....


Lit – A Place In The Sun


A Place In The Sun was never going to win awards for it’s originality, but what it does, it does really well. The album feels like one of those teenaged days when everything had...